Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rainy Day -Too Hot to Be Out Activities :)

Here are few links to interesting websites that provide some fun things to do when you have pulled all your rabbits out of your hat and need something more. WE do not endorse anyone but think these might give some fun things to do in a one place. If you can share more ideas, those are warmly welcomed any time in the comment area or send us your idea/s in a new blog to refresh our minds. As with any site or game or activity, please check the content that it agrees with your personal standarts. I know we all differ somewhat in our views. Also makse sure your child knows how to be safe while on internet.

Websites: free but you may need to come up your own materials for the ideas. I understand this is free

Lamp Oil Source

Matthew 25:1 "And then, at that day, before the Son of Man comes,..."

JST We receive the PREPAREDNESS ESSENTIALS catalog every month. It is a good source for extended food storage items from dehydrated or freeze-dried Apples to Zucchini and offers low-cost shipping.They offer a quanity discount every month on a different item making it reasonable to try a new product like freeze-dried cheeses, fruits and vegetables or to stock up on necessities like this month's 49% discount on leather gloves (think service project!)

They have a wide variety of backpack emergency kits, first aid items, water purification supplies, etc. These are really pricey but the pages are very detailed and can be a great guide for putting together your own car kit, school kit, new baby kit, elderly parent kit, evacuation kitor a baseline for reviewing your current 72-hour kit. This isn't an endorsement of their products, just another source of oil to add to your lamp. Or, information to add to your Home Production, FoodStorageand Preparedness file that you already maintain or may be starting"today".Check them out at: or 1-800-999-1863 M - F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Sat. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or preparednesspantry. blogspot. com . Thank you!

Jennie D.

Produce Availability in Ohio, canning fruits without sugar, etc.

Envision your pantry shelf of jewels; RUBY salsa, EMERALD zucchinirelish, GOLD applesauce and peaches, PLATINUM pears!Be thinking ahead about any opportunities for canning produce.
By thetime some fruits like apples are abundant, canning supplies will alreadybe depleted in many stores. This is the time to buy your lids and rings and jars if needed for canning applesauce and peaches in mid-August and early September!
The 2009 Ball Blue Book has the latest information on canning fruits without sugar and canning low-acid vegetables without salt for those with special dietary considerations (pgs. 16 and 73-77). According to The Columbus Dispatch, tomatoes and zucchini will still beavailable in abundance by the end of July.
Early transparent apples will be available mid-August. Georgia peaches are being shipped now, withmost Ohio peaches available late August to early September. Early pearsbegin late August and continue through October. (We made a great mintypear sauce last year when we couldn't think of what else to do with aplethora of pears!)

An Invitation to a Celebration

A Proverbs 31 Celebration for Women Only

July 14, 2009 ( see time and address in the e-mail invitation that has gone around, or e-mail kirsi at her yahoo address for the information). Hosted by Kathy S. and Jennie D.

Read along in Proverbs 31 in the circle of love at the campfire and discover yourself in its verses… Bring a friend or neighbor and a chair or quilt to sit on.

Visit the letter-writing station for military personnel and missionaries.

* Visit the scripture station for five-minutes of uninterrupted reading. Join us to pray for our families, communities, nation and world.

Look up at the stars together ---wish upon your star! Bring a finger-food to share. Or something simple to cook on a fork or stick at the campfire. *Bring a stamped envelope for any military letters and $1 for postage for any missionary letters.Remember this in enclusively for women only! No men ( husbands, fiances, boy friends, etc) nor children allowed. It'll be fun!!!