Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What the Gal's are Reading in Our Ward November 19 2009

Just a reminder that our ward's bookclub meets November 19. it looks very interesting and all the activities as well! Go and check them out. If you have questions,please call Lisa R.:) Check out their blog...it has a lot of good information!

Multi-ward Bookclub November 18 2009-Don't forget

A way of you to meet your friend's from the other wards in the area. Go and have some reading fun at Rhonda's house on Novemember 18,2009. Call or e-mail her to see what they are reading,chatting, and discussing about and also let her know you are coming.
Help litteracy by reading and being an example to others-Reading can be fun! It's also healthy exerise for your brain "muscle" Also do not forget our ward's Book Club. See their blog. You can click their blog on the left side of Jump In Too.:)

Note from Rhonda: "
We have started a book club at my house that is every 4th Wednesday of the month, any one who would like to come and discussion the books are welcome but PLEASE CALL ME AND LET ME KNOW YOU ARE COMING.
The date is: Nov. 18th"