Sunday, June 21, 2009



Daniel R. is working on his Eagle Scout project.

This Project takes place June 27 ( next Saturday) 2009. It will start at 9.00 AM and continue until it is done that day.

Where: Hilliard West Pool Municipal Park

Who: All able painters are welcome - any help is appreciated.

What will be done: We'll be painting the Municipal Park Amphitheater Stage. It is in poor condition and needs to be repainted. Even younger children can help to paint. Please sign up today or call Daniel R. ( find Daniel's phone # in the ward roster) or e-mail him.

I have his e-mail and phone number, so please contact me and I can pass it to you.

Any questions for Daniel, feel free to call him or e-mail him. Again you can e-mail Kirsi for the contact info.

Go help Daniel achieve his Eagle!!!


"We encourage members world-wide to prepare for adversity in life by having a basic supply of food and water and some money in savings.
"We ask that you be wise as you store food and water and build your savings. Do not go to extremes; it is not prudent, for example, to go into debt to establish your food storage all at once. With careful planning, you can, over time, establish a home storage supply and a financial reserve."
—The First Presidency, All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage, Feb. 2007, 1

Craig A.
Hayden Run Ward
Emergency Preparedness Specialist


PICNIC AND PLAY is here again. Wednesday is only three days away. Come and enjoy the parks around town, while the kids play. Wednesday @ 11.00 am. Bring a lunch and lets have fun. Call Margo for directions or questions. If it is raining, we will meet @ the Tuttle Mall in their play area.

This is an actual picture in the park we are visiting this week. it is really cute and clean place.

Fancyburg Park

Fishinger Road and Kioka Avenue,
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221

Directions From Hilliard

Take Cemetary and go over I-270 and follow Fishinger Road until you come to Riverside Drive. Go over (pass) Riverside Dr, going straight on Fishinger ( you'll pass MacDonald's) as well, keep going straight ahead until you come to Kioka Avenue, turn right on Kioka and follow Kioka until you see Swansea Rd, go pass Swansea, slow down your park parking will be on the right hand side before Wickliffe Rd.( the park is big, you will not miss it)

Directions from Dublin:

Take Riverside Drive going South, at Fishinger turn left an follow Fishinger Fishinger ( you'll pass McDonalds) , keep going straight ahead until you come to Kioka Avenue, turn right on Kioka and follow Kioka until you see Swansea Rd, go pass Swansea, slow down your park parking will be on the right hand side before Wickliffe Rd.( the park is big, you will not miss it).

I hope the directions are clear. If not, I apologise. It is the way I get there when I take my daughter there.:)

This park has things to do for the little kids and the bigger ones as well. It is easy to keep an eye out for the children but the park tends to be busy ( especially if its a beautiful day) so you are prepared mentally for it.:)



Here quoting the website. this is a different website that I quoted in the previous "Do You Know What to Do If a Child Goes Missing?" blog.


Children should learn how to use the telephone in an emergency. Here are some tips: *Tell your children they don't need money to dial 911 or 0 for the operator. They should
dial 0 if they are lost or don't know who to call when they need assistance.
* Have them memorize their telephone number, including area code, as young as possible. Let them practice calling local and long distance numbers for you. * Practice making a collect call with them. Teach them they don’t need money to make a collect call, even if it is a local number. * Children should learn how and when to use 911. Discuss different situations with them.

Rule#2-Family password
How can your child know if it's okay to go with another person without asking for your permission first? A FAMILY PASSWORD! Almost every child is taught by their parents not to go anywhere with a stranger. This is a weak message to leave with a child. How can a child tell who a stranger is? An abductor could be someone the child knows. They may trick the child by saying "Mom or Dad asked me to pick you up". Your child can keep some distance from this person by asking for the FAMILY PASSWORD. Teach your child not to go with anyone who doesn’t know the password. Promise them you won't send anyone without it.

Rule#3-I'm lost! Now what?
You come out of a store and turn around to find your child is not there, now what? It’s time to put “Action Plan A” to the test. Teach your child, in advance, what they should do. A potential abductor may be able to take advantage of this situation if there is no plan. First, your child should stay put and let you find them. They should stay in a visible area and not wander around looking for you. If they stay still, it will be easier than if both of you are moving, maybe in opposite directions. Alert security and provide them with your photo I.D. card. Teach your child if someone wants to help them, have them ask the person to look for you or call security or the police. Teach them to never go with anyone, ever.

Tricks used by abductors :

*"Help me find my lost puppy ”

* “I need help with directions ”

* Offer gifts/candy * There is an emergency... ”

* “I want to take your picture ”

* I have a new video... ”““

The word SECRET is one that is used freely by both adults and children. Some secrets are good, some are bad, and some are ugly. Unfortunately, it is the most common weapon used by abductors to lure a child from safety. Children love secrets and most often see them as a way to feel independent from their parents. Your child should learn that if an adult asks them to keep a secret from you, this is a danger sign. The secret could be minor, a chocolate bar before dinner. What this person is doing is building up trust with the child to find out if they will tell everything. The secrets will build until they have control and power over the child. SECRETS = BLACKMAIL

Rule#5-Good lies?
You expect your child to treat adults with respect and grow up to be polite and honest, however, there are exceptions to these rules. In fact, there are times when they should scream as loudly as possible if someone tries to pull him or her into a car or building. Attention is the last thing an abductor is looking for. Now comes a mixed message. Lie to protect yourself. Children should never tell anyone they are home alone. Tell your children that it’s okay to lie to someone who insists on talking to their parents. This is a good lie. Baby-sitters should be given the same instructions.

Rule#6-An emergency plan
Where would your child go in an emergency if you were not home? This is a question you want to address before it happens. Finding a trusted neighbor or friend’s house for your child is very important for his or her safety. Identify this as a safe house. Choose someone who will likely be home most of the time, such as a retired person or a stay at home mother. Be sure to discuss this idea with them.

Most abductors are known by the child. This means all the advice to never talk to strangers is useless if an adult known to the child is the abductor. Children should learn the difference between a good stranger and a bad stranger. If someone tries to pull your child into a car or lure him or her away, they may need to rely on help from another adult. Children should learn that it’s okay to get help from a stranger if they are in danger. Your children should NEVER go anywhere with a stranger without asking for your permission.

Rule#8-Play safe & have fun
Childhood is supposed to be fun, no pressure, no worries. As parents, this is what we want for our children. As we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect world, and children understand this better than we think. The news is filled with horror stories each night, which gives everyone, including children, a bleak picture of the way the world is. Every city and town has its own set of problems, but in reality, the world is not filled with bad people. The violent crimes in this country are being committed by a small percentage of the population.

These people are extremely dangerous to adults and children. Children need to understand that these predators have patterns and habits that can be avoided. Child predators look for opportunities, but once children realize this they can avoid potentially dangerous situations and protect themselves. Children should understand that most people would not harm them and the bad guys don’t wear black. Remind your children to play safe, have fun, and enjoy being a kid.

Other rules to remember
* Never allow your children to go alone to video arcades, public restrooms, parks, public pools, movie theaters, door to door selling, or school yards after hours.

* Instruct your children to always use the buddy system.

* Don’t display your child’s name on the outside of their clothing. This makes it easier for a stranger to approach and pretend to be your child’s friend. * Tell your children to avoid shortcuts and isolated areas. Working together to help keep our children safe