Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food storage containers

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

When you finally get excited, and decide to get your food storage, there are usually some thoughts that begin to dawn on what is a practical way to store 200lbs. of steel cut oat groats? This is very important to consider, because you cannot store any grains for a long period of time in their original bags. Some small insect or larvae will eventually find its way into it. So, when you return home with your supplies be prepared with FOOD GRADE airtight containers to store your items in.

My suggestion is to dry pack them at home in the #10 cans from the storehouse if they are items you have not purchased from the storehouse directly, or have large 5 gallon buckets with a good seal on them, for long term storage. You can borrow a dry pack canner from the Bishops storehouse, and you can also purchase the #10 cans, lids, and oxygen packets there as well. (The process is much more efficient, and fun if you have at least two other people helping you! :) ) Invite your neighbors to be prepared as well!

I found a resource for reasonably priced storage containers that I would encourage you to look into if you want buckets, and that is www.containerandpac . If anyone else knows of some other sources of reasonably priced food grade storage containers, please pass that information on to the rest of us!

The weather is beautiful... enjoy it and have a great day!


Opportunity at AEP

CONS unit employment specialists and other interested parties,

I got a tip today that AEP is hiring in Columbus. Like many other large employers, AEP has a website that is regularly populated with job postings. These sites should be checked daily by job seekers who are interested in working at these companies.

The weblink below summarizes the six job openings currently in the Columbus area.

https://careers. aepcareers. com/index. jsp?locale= en_US&applicationName= aepCA&SEARCH.STATE. FIELD=location. state&SOURCE=location&EVENT=com.deploy. application. ca.plugin. PostingSearch. doSearch&SEQ=postingSearchRe sults&SEARCH.STATE. VALUE=PostingSta tes.OH&SOURCEINFO=Ohio

Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested in these jobs.

Marketing and planning jobs at Mount Carmel

CONS unit employment specialists and other interested parties,

Below are two job leads for some highly paid marketing and planning jobs at Mount Carmel.

Please pass them along to anyone is qualified and who might be interested.

Manager of Market Research
https://www. healthcaresource .com/thmchs/ index.cfm? fuseaction= search.jobDetail s&template=dsp_ job_details. cfm&cJobId=501331

Planning Analyst
https://www. healthcaresource .com/thmchs/ index.cfm? fuseaction= search.jobDetail s&template=dsp_ job_details. cfm&cJobId=455367

Eddie Bauer Fulfillment Services-employment opportunity

Eddie Bauer Fulfillment Services
With one location in the U.S. and two in Canada, Eddie Bauer's fulfillment and customer call center operations are a vital part of the success of Eddie Bauer. We operate a 2.2 million square foot catalog and retail distribution center in Groveport, Ohio.

We employ over 500 people in Groveport, Ohio. We mainly hire front line associates for our distribution centers.

Groveport, Ohio

Merchandise Processors
Distribution Supervisors
Application are being taken at our Groveport Facility.

6600 Alum Creek Drive, Groveport, OH 43125-9420(614) 497-8200‎

Nanny Job Lead

I met a woman at work the other day who needs a nanny 2-3 days a week for her 2 boys (ages 6 and 3). She lives in Dublin, and she's a single mother trying to make things work for her family. If you or anyone you know is interested,see Hayden Run email about this for contact info.

A Great Book On Networking

CONS unit employment specialists and other interested parties,

Below is a PDF and a weblink for a book about networking by Harvey Mackay.

I've briefly looked over it and found it to be full of valuable advice and tips and a fast read (just 46 pages).

I printed it out and plan on reading it and marking it in my daily morning prep time.

Anybody who is interested in improving their networking skills should give this book a look.

www.harveymackay. com