Sunday, June 7, 2009

JUNE BOOK CLUB - "The Caves of Steel" by Asimov

We meet @ 8.30 p.m on the 4th Thursday of each month at the home of Amy H., unless otherwise advertised. All are welcome, even if you haven't read the book. Come Join the fun!!!

The book for June: The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov.

Come and join a fun discussion and treats and great time with friends!


Come and enjoy the parks around town,while the kids play. Wednesday @ 11.00 am. Bring a lunch and lets have fun. Call Margo for directions or questions. If it is raining, we will meet @ the Tuttle Mall in their play area.
JUNE 10th
Ted Kaltenbach Park
5985 Cara Road, Dublin

JUNE 17th
Monterey Park
135 Monterey Dr., Dublin

JUNE 24th
Fishinger Road & Kioka Avenue
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
Fancy Park in Upper Arlington

JULY 1st
Ballantrae Park
6350 Woerner Temple Rd, Dublin
Bring your swimming suits, this is the bunny splash park.

JULY 8th
Monterey Park
135 Monterey Dr., Dublin

Call Margo S. if you have any questions.

If you have any suggestions, you have a fave park etc, please comment/share here please!!!:)


Seeking all Proverbs 31 women:
Yutzy's on Converse Huff Road off Rt. 42 will have their StrawberryHotline up and running this Friday, May 29. Call 873-4731 to find outpicking times, prices, etc. You may know of closer places to pick yourown; please share your knowledge through this ward group e-mail! The freezer jam we make from the Certo or Sure-Gel recipe inside the boxsometimes rests on bread---but it also makes a great cheese cake or ice-cream topping; can be layered with angel food cake and cool whip to make trifle; or mixed with a variety of fresh fruits for a Kick-it-up-a- Notch fruit salad. For those without freezer space, canned strawberry jam isn't a difficult endeavor. Call if you need some basic training or want to attend astrawberry jam boot camp. Add to your many skills and stock your shelvesat the same time. I promise that when you open your home-canned strawberry jam on ablustery December day, it will be like opening a jar of summertime!
Jennie D