Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm trying to set up a dry packing session for September 19th or 26th. I haven't gotten confirmation from the new Storehouse manager yet. Planto save both dates for now and I'll confirm as soon as I hear back. Just be aware that since the Storehouse dry packing facilities were out of commission for over a month and are just now coming back on-line, there will probably be a gazillion diligent Saints clamoring to replenish their food storage supplies. We need to be ready to take whatever datesare offered.In the meantime, if you are interested in participating, please print outthe attached order sheet and get it back to me ASAP so I can firm up whatproducts our ward members want and what quantities are needed. The manager will need all this info well in advance of any date we set up tomake sure adequate supplies are available for our dry packing session. (You can also go to www.providentliving .org and print out from FamilyHome Storage order form there.) The good news is that many of the food storage items we all want and needhave been reduced in price---some items are discounted up to 25% justsince February 2009. I would say that the leaders of the Church knowthat times are tough and are trying to help us access and eat healthyfoods for less $$$.
Thanks a bunch,
Sister Dragoo